Redefine SaaS Operations and Cost Management Leveraging Analytics, AI & ML

An enterprise grade SaaS product which unifies data of SaaS environment and delivers actionable intelligence to help organization optimize their SaaS landscape in terms of Operations, Cost and Risk

Saas management platform

Our Simplified Solution for SaaS Optimization and Management

View your SaaS landscape via the lens of data science, Receive and act on recommendations based on AI & ML models, Realize the benefits (cost reduction & risk mitigation) quantitatively and empower you to manage SaaS Services meticulously

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Unification of organization SaaS landscape; see a 360 degree view with well defined perimeters (single & multicloud)

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Dashboard & Report

Visualize insights, analytics and metrics in a story-telling format for faster comprehension



AI & ML layer to recommend and initiate actions with quantifiable benefits in the form of cost reduction and risk mitigation



Evaluate the spread of services across clouds providers; equip executives to manage cost and risk with eye on tech strategy

A single view of all data, information, intelligence, and actions

Storytelling dashboards powered by mathematical models developed on unified SaaS data empowers the executive to take decisions leading to optimized cloud cost, usage, and risk

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Saas management platform
saas management companies

Comprehend SaaS landscape and plan your move

Drawing a clearly defined perimeter around all SaaS services, spending, licenses, etc., is the biggest step towards bringing order to cloud chaos in the organization, and SaaSPe empowers the firm to achieve that.

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5 Steps To Automate Your SaaS Administration

Onboard Through Workflow Management
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Seamless onboarding of SaaS applications, users, departments, and projects using workflows for the review and approval process

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Enable SSO integration to provide complete control to the organization over employee authentication and access to various applications

By Saas management platform, Gain visibility on SaaS usage, budget, and spend across different entities like Departments, Users, Applications, and Projects

Get the list of active and inactive users across multiple SaaS applications and gain insights on how the licenses are being consumed. Leverage SaaSPe workflow to optimize the licenses in a better way.

Timely renewal reminders to avoid slippage of services.

In app notifications and email support


Our Solution For Your Smarter SaaS Management And Optimization

All-in-one Applications

Gain insights on the various SaaS applications being used across departments and projects to understand the SaaS spend and identify the opportunities for optimization

One view for all the various SaaS subscriptions in an organisation covering multi dimensional data

SaaSPe Multicloud is designed to help you analyze, plan, and track spend on the cloud resources across various providers. Track the top expensive resources and identify the opportunity for optimization of cloud consumption and spend by Saas management companies.

One stop solution to enquire and purchase various SaaS applications. Gain confidence on SaaS application by reading the reviews and ratings

Automate bill payment, contract renewals, and issue of corporate cards for the same

Integrate with various accounting systems like Xero, SAP, and more for the reconsilation of bill payments

Get started, or get some advice

Are you having overhead in managing your SaaS applications and not really confident on how to optimize your SaaS spend? Reach out to our SaaS consultants and take the first step towards simplification of SaaS management.

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